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Elevating the Learn-to-Play Experience

Revolutionize Introducing Youth Hockey With Our Patented One-Piece Undergarment

Learn-to-Play (LTP) programs are crucial in introducing the joy and fundamentals of hockey to the youngest athletes and their parents. However, the initial steps can often be met with confusion and frustration for new parents, especially when it comes to assembling the right gear. Wicked Rags introduces a game-changing solution: the patented SockJock™. This innovation not only simplifies the dressing process but significantly enhances the LTP experience for players, parents, and coaches alike.

The Backbone of Success: Empowering Mites and Squirts

LTP programs, particularly for mites and squirt age groups, are pivotal in building a solid foundation for every successful hockey association. Regrettably, these programs often rely on low-cost, generic jerseys that fail to ignite the excitement and sense of belonging that young players crave. Wicked Rags transforms this narrative by offering custom-designed, reversible jerseys paired with our patented one-piece, mirroring the branding of the older teams they aspire to join. This strategic approach not only strengthens brand consistency but also fosters a deeper connection to the community and association.

SockJock™: The Future of Hockey Undergarments

  • Unique One-Piece Design: The SockJock™ is the first of its kind, a performance-driven undergarment awarded U.S. Patent # 8,973,168 & CA Patent # 2,839,268. It simplifies dressing, securing shin guards without additional accessories like Velcro, straps, or tape, and significantly reduces dressing time.

  • Enhanced Performance and Comfort: Weighing approximately one pound lighter than traditional gear, the SockJock™ offers unparalleled freedom of movement. Its inner compression pant aids in faster muscle recovery, ensuring players are always at their best.

  • Ease of Use and Durability: Designed for convenience, the SockJock™ is easy to wash without the need for separating components, saving both time and money. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, guaranteeing long-term satisfaction


LTP Program Integration

By incorporating the SockJock™ and custom reversible jerseys into your LTP program, you break down the most significant barriers for new hockey families. This setup not only provides a seamless start for newcomers but also aligns with the professional look and feel of higher-level teams. Associations have the flexibility to cover the cost fully or partially, offering significant savings to parents over traditional setups.

Set Your Association Apart

Feedback consistently shows that associations lose LTP and mite members to competitors with more appealing "swag." Wicked Rags offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your program with innovative, high-quality apparel solutions like the SockJock™ and complementary products such as custom bomber jackets. This strategic approach not only elevates your brand but also enhances the overall experience for young athletes and their families, encouraging long-term engagement and growth within the sport.

Empower your young athletes with Wicked Rags' and watch as your LTP program becomes a beacon of innovation, community, and excitement.

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